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Making Your Church Website More Effective

Carol Brown January 31, 2017

Recently, I got to sit down with Scott Dixon, a church website design expert who’s worked exclusively with thousands of churches and their websites since 2005. I wanted to learn more about why church websites are so important and how churches can improve them to reach both members and prospects. Hi Scott, you’ve worked with… Continue Reading »


New Ways to Interact with Live Video

Carol Brown April 21, 2016

Recently an app called Periscope caught my attention. I know….big deal….another app in world of exploding apps. But, what got me interested in it is how churches can possibly use it. Up Periscope Periscope lets you to broadcast live video from your mobile device so you can share experiences, right now, through live video.  Why… Continue Reading »


8 Tips to Help you Get the Most out of the Ideas to Impact Conference

Carol Brown April 14, 2015

If you haven’t signed up for the Ideas to Impact conference that’s being held in Dallas, Texas May 26 – 29, there’s still time to register. If you’re going, here are some ideas to help you get the most from the conference. Decide What you Want to Learn Make a list of things you want… Continue Reading »


Images on Your Church Website – Keeping it Safe and Legal

Carol Brown February 9, 2015

Over the last couple of months the topic of how churches use images on their websites and other places has come up several times and made me realize that many in the church world are not aware of the laws and best practices they should follow. We are not lawyers and may not express information… Continue Reading »


Six Tips to Help you Prioritize and use Your Time Wisely

Carol Brown January 15, 2015

It’s January 2015 and yes, this is one of those “it’s the new year and we all have new opportunities” type articles. In January, we tend to focus on losing weight, exercise, and eating healthier foods but getting a handle on priorities and time management is just as important, especially for those working in church… Continue Reading »


6 Tips to Help Your Church Staff Embrace Technology

Carol Brown November 12, 2014

What’s a Pastor to do? If you are on church staff or volunteer at a church, you probably know that change can be difficult, and changes dealing with technology can be even harder. Consider the following: Scenario 1 – A committee knew their church needed some specific task software and spent considerable time and effort reviewing… Continue Reading »


A Revolution can be a Good Thing

Carol Brown March 13, 2014

Have you lived through a revolution? When we hear the word revolution, it’s usually in the context of a government being overthrown, but there are other kinds of revolutions, and we are living in the midst of one. Of course I’m talking about the technology revolution swirling around us.  In the last 20 years, people… Continue Reading »


The Church, Disasters, and Social Media

Carol Brown September 10, 2013

Churches aren’t immune from disasters and should prepare ahead of time for possible catastrophes so they can continue to function and serve, not just their own flock, but also the larger community.  The time to make decisions on your priorities, services you’ll provide, staff preparation, and communication options, is now, not during the event. Crafting… Continue Reading »

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