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Are You Up-to-Date or In the Dust?

Kaitlyn Grooms March 11, 2014

Church information management has come a long way – from paper documents in a file cabinet, to digital files in a database. You strive to ensure your church data is updated and accurate, and you should strive just as much to ensure that your church software is up-to-date. But Why? At ACS Technologies, we constantly… Continue Reading »


Frozen Screens and Freak Outs: Recovering From Technical Difficulties

Kaitlyn Grooms October 10, 2013

You’re in the middle of running a presentation for a worship service, and your laptop screen freezes. Your eyes widen, heart starts racing. All eyes turn to you as you frantically click every button on your laptop, desperately trying to get it to work. The congregation impatiently shifts in their seats. Someone explains, “We are… Continue Reading »


From Scripture to Screen: Effectively Presenting the Message

Kaitlyn Grooms September 12, 2013

Today, many churches incorporate some type of technology during sermons and worship services. For example, pastors use presentations and other visuals to convey the message they’re preaching. This helps visitors and regular attenders to follow along. And if they forgot to bring a Bible, having the scripture on the screen can help them fully comprehend… Continue Reading »

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