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Do you Appreciate your Pastor?

Meredith Mahon Morris September 26, 2016

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The life of a typical pastor is filled with busyness and many demands as the shepherd of a congregation.  A great pastor lives a tremendous life of sacrifice meeting the needs of his or her church members.  Whether it is caring for the sick at the hospital, leading funerals and weddings, counseling, as well as being the spiritual leader of the church preaching the Word of God, the list never ends.  A pastor is truly on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So, how do we as church members show love to these dedicated servants of God who lead us each week?  The month of October provides the perfect opportunity.  During October, most churches celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. It’s truly a great time to show your pastor how much you care about him or her.  Here are a few thoughts to consider to show love to your pastor in October:

1. Love offering:  This is hard to do without the pastor being aware, but it is achievable.  This unexpected gift can help a pastor’s budget tremendously.

2. Collect money for a trip:  If there is one thing a pastor could use, it is time away.  What better way to bless a pastor and his family, than to send them on a trip.

3. Show love to the pastor’s spouse:  One way to bless a pastor is to show love toward his or her spouse.  A pastor’s spouse makes sacrifices too, so this is a way to be a blessing to them both.

4. Words of encouragement:  Handwritten cards help fill up the pastor’s emotional tank. That kind of encouragement means the world to a pastor.

5. Recognition/luncheon:  Just recognizing Pastor Appreciation Month means so much.  The church may not be able to spend lots of money, but the gesture is what counts.  A luncheon after the worship service in the pastor’s honor is a great thing to do.

Don’t let this opportunity go by without showing love to your pastor.  Consider even putting it in your church budget next year so that you are prepared to fund it financially.  The relationship between a pastor and the church is special.  Why not do everything we can as lay leaders to do our part to encourage our pastors as they serve God and our congregation faithfully.  If done well, it can pay great dividends for your church body in the days ahead.  A big thanks to all pastors as they fulfill the calling of God in their lives each day!

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  • Suzanne Phillips Smith

    Ah, I figured it out! I didn’t scroll down far enough!

    My former husband is an ordained deacon (a separate and unpaid order in the Episcopal Church). So, I know firsthand the demands on clergy…preparing for sermons, visiting people in the hospital, counseling people in crisis…all this he did in addition to his full-time job as the Executive Director of the United Way of South Carolina. And, I know what it is like to be the wife of a clergy person.

    I think the thing most church going folks need to remember is that their clergy and clergy spouses are people, and not super-humans. They can be cranky and in a bad mood from time to time. They have fights with their families. They sometimes need some personal space. So, just remember to give them some time to breathe. The phone can be a nuisance. Wait and call when you would like to be called, unless it is truly a crisis.

  • Lynnette Woods

    In my church, it is interesting as our pastor prefers not to be placed
    on a pedestal. He has surrounded himself with able and capable leaders
    and elders who all shoulder the leadership burden. So when you walk in,
    many times, until he stands to preach you would not know who the pastor
    is. In this he honors the giftings on his congregation. We will honor
    him and his wife with a love gift for his dedicated service.
    Personally, I like to honor his wife as I understand that she sacrifices
    just as much, if not more sometimes, than he does. I usually send her a
    card not just in October, but a couple times a year. We often thank
    our pastors on a regular basis, but the wife is overlooked. I want to
    make sure she is honored for her sacfices as well.

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