Child Check-in

Turn Sunday check-ins into an opportunity for families to connect to the life and ministry of your church.

The City's Children’s Ministry module gives families an amazing check-in experience. It completely streamlines the process and manages your children’s ministry volunteers. Not only can parents and church volunteers keep track of children during church services, it's connected to The City's communication and community engagement tools.

The Children’s Ministry module is especially valuable for introducing first time parents to your church. It automatically creates online affinity groups for parents who are in the same life stage and invites them to a space where they can engage with leaders or even discuss parenting tips with each other. It all functions within the broader capabilities of The City and allows church leaders and members to engage with each other throughout the week.

  • Securely manage children’s ministry
  • Barcode scanning and label printing
  • Entry point for newcomers’ data
  • Automated end of day emails to parents
  • Increase engagement with parents through automated engagement & communication tools

"It provides our children’s ministry with an easy way to communicate to parents what their children learned during Sunday school. It has also provided groups of our parents with an easy way to connect and start building relationships with each other.”

— Trace Pupke, IT Director at Seacoast Church

Fully Integrated

Built specifically for the Church, The City gives you a single, unified system for Children’s Ministry communication, event planning, Sunday check-in, and ministry to families.

Flexible Implementation

The City’s check-in kiosk is optimized for touchscreen displays, but works just as well on any computer. It also accommodates the parent notification systems you already have in place.

Event Management

When you create a children’s ministry event in The City, you just follow a few simple steps to get it on the calendar, schedule volunteers, and book the appropriate rooms. Volunteers can sign up to fill a role on their own, or you can assign roles for them.

Fast Check-In

It’s quick for parents to check-in their children. They simply scan their barcode, select which children to check in, and name tags and a parent receipt print automatically—all in less than 20 seconds.

"The City’s check-in process is fast and the ability to easily communicate with parents and invite visitors to become part of our community is incredible. Once again The City has provided something beyond just mere church management.”

— George Velarde, Volunteer & Operations Pastor at Living Stones Church


After the event, it’s easy to send a message to tell parents what their kids learned that day. Parents who checked in children for the first time are invited to a group in The City where they can interact with your children’s ministry leaders and other parents.


First-time check-in for new families is easy, too. Parents just provide basic contact info for themselves, and the name and any special needs for each child they’re checking in. They can also scan a barcode card from their wallet to streamline future check-ins.

Self-Serve Check-In Kiosk

The City’s touch-optimized check-in kiosk is designed to be parent-driven, with minimal staff assistance required. Check-in for returning families usually takes less than 20 seconds.

Pre-Registration Mode

The City's Pre-Registration Mode helps streamline your transition to Children's Ministry in The City by making it easy for families to register before your launch.

About The City

The City gives churches a modern way to keep their congregation more involved in what they're doing. It's a church-only online community that offers everything from small group management to sharing prayer requests with people you know. Members can instantly log in from their browser or mobile app to communicate with each other, find opportunities to serve, and discover new ways to be a blessing to each other. The City is built upon your data in ACS and keeps everything in sync.

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