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Engagement - Online Community

Online Community

Give people in your parish a place to connect, grow, and become more involved.

With The City™, you can create a thriving private online community based on information you already manage in PDS Church Office and PDS Connects. It enables people to connect with each other, stay informed, find serving opportunities, give online, track contributions history, and take their involvement to a whole new level.

  • Equip your staff to be more effective with their ministries
  • Engage your parishioners in a fun, safe, and meaningful way
  • Unites people when you're together and when you're not
  • Comes with a free iPhone or Android app for anytime access
  • Easily launch it based on the membership data you already have
Engagement - Online Giving

Online Giving (Stand-alone)

Accept donations online 24/7/365.

Financial contributions are the main source of funds for churches, so it's critical that your members can easily and securely give to your ministry. Online Giving is a service that enables you to receive donations directly from your website. PDS is pleased to partner with Vanco Payment Solutions as our preferred service provider for all donations and payment processing services.

  • Allow gifts from members and first-time donors
  • Accept one-time and recurring gifts
  • Let contributors easily review giving history
  • Integrate with PDS Church Office for posting contributions
  • Increase giving since online givers give more on average and are more consistent
 Engagement - Groups


Give your groups a shared space for staying connected throughout the week.

  • Create and customize groups to fit your unique community's needs
  • Gain clear oversight over your groups, leaders, and participation
  • Communicate directly to specific groups and leaders
  • Use a welcome kiosk to funnel visitors into a new group designated for follow-up
  • Empower members to create groups that you ultimately oversee
Engagement - Child Check-in

Child Check-in

Provide extra event security for the youth in your church.

Be proactive about the safety and protection of children in your care. The City™ puts necessary security procedures in place for dropping off and picking up family members from events like nursery, sunday school, and youth group.

  • Identify and confirm the location of a child at any time
  • Know the allergies and special needs of each child
  • Confidently match guardians with children
  • Provide visitor badges to guests
  • Alert members in the event of an emergency
Engagement - Coordinating Volunteers

Coordinating Volunteers

Effectively manage one of your organization's most valuable human resources.

Many of your church's functions simply would not happen without faithful volunteers. The City makes it easy for members to give of their time and talents to serve your church, help your community, and connect with one another.

  • Easily coordinate hundreds of volunteers in various positions
  • Make it more convenient for volunteers to sign up online for opportunities
  • Match the right individual to the right position
  • Quickly record and track your screening requirements
  • Ensure your volunteers get all the necessary training
Engagement - Online Event Management

Online Event Management

Host more events more efficiently so people in your church can fellowship more often.

Conveniently organize all the details that go into each event while online.

  • Easily add a new event and invite people to it
  • Make your events public or private for a specific group
  • Create list of items to bring for potlucks, retreats, and more
  • Associate volunteer roles with an event to assign or recruit help from people
  • Members can browse events online, RSVP, say which items they will bring, and volunteer for a role
  • Build discussions online around events with comments and responses

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