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4 Tips for Large Event Planning Success

by Gail Smith, Administrative Director at ACS Technologies client Lutheran Church of Hope in Des Moines, Iowa.

  1. Pull your team together early. For large scale events like Lutheran Church of Hope’s annual Taste of Hope, which sees 8,000 attendees, Gail starts meeting with the event team – 10-12 key volunteers and staff members – about 6 months in advance of the event.

  2. Let your point-people own their areas. Gail said she knows that micromanagement could kill the planning of large-scale events. That’s why she lets her trusted volunteers take charge of their areas. “Truly, they plan it—they tell me what’s going on, they get all the details.”

  3. Take advantage of different methods for gathering volunteers. In addition to the main organizers of large events, you’ll need many more volunteers for the day of the event. In addition to your standard channels online and with tools like your newsletter and bulletin, encourage people to share calls for volunteers with their own social groups and networks.

  4. Keep God at the center. “Every time we meet, we pray. ‘God, point us to the right direction on how we’re supposed to do this.’ I would never have thought that I would be able to throw a party for 8,000 people, but now I know that it’s possible if you’ve got a good structure and you’ve got God at the center.”

  • "Every year we host a Halloween alternative in which we invite the community to come, but the invitations are made by our congregation. It’s done through relationships because we’re trying to help our people learn to invite people toward God and toward the church. That’s how life change happens, through relationships."

    - Phillip Jackson, Associate Pastor, World Outreach Church, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

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ACS is our most comprehensive solution for churches. ACS is great for tracking event attendees, and ACS Facility Scheduler helps churches keep track of the many overlapping events and calendars coordinated through the church.

Parish Data System is the top management software choice worldwide for Catholic parishes, schools and dioceses. Catholic ministries choose PDS member solutions to track memberships, sacraments, and more, and PDS Facility Scheduler helps keep track of all parish events, rooms, and equipment.

Set up a private social network online and make it easier for members to communicate and connect with each other. The City also serves as a hub for ministry events, making it easier than ever for members to connect and engage.

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