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HeadMaster Software manages all your school's administrative details and communication needs in one integrated database. It's flexible and can be customized to fit your unique needs. All HeadMaster Software solutions come with comprehensive support and training options.

  • "The parents love it because it enables them to see new grades daily, and keep up with their child’s averages without the worry of their child making it home with a stack of papers or waiting on the postal system."

    – David, West Monroe, LA

  • "I use HeadMaster in my classroom everyday. My favorite feature is the grade book as it averages the grades for each student for me and also gives me a class average for each assignment. This feature saves me a lot of planning time!"

    – Amy, language arts teacher

  • "The students like the look of their transcripts and that the entire process is so fast."

    – Sheila, Fayetteville, NC

  • "I use HeadMaster daily to document attendance, input grades and document student activity. It has been a useful tool to integrate documentation of grades while allowing parents to monitor their child's progress in the subject area."

    – Judy, science teacher

Our top solution for private schools:

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Specifically designed for private and independent nonprofit education facilities.

HeadMaster empowers your staff and teachers with anytime, anywhere access and connects your parents and students online. It's accessed via the Internet through an all-in-one, monthly package called HeadMaster OnDemand. It's the perfect service for educational facilities seeking to streamline administrative management while connecting administrative offices, classrooms, and homes.

  • Connect administrators, teachers, parents, and students
  • Accessible anywhere over the Internet
  • Automatically updated and remote data backups performed daily

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HeadMaster Fits Schools of all Sizes

  • Private School (K-12)

    HeadMaster is an ideal hosted software solution for educational facilities seeking to streamline administrative management while connecting administrative offices, classrooms, and homes. Teachers can mark attendance and grades from their classrooms or homes. Parents can log in to view their child's progress and assignments. Administrators can work anytime, anywhere over the Internet. IT maintenance is eased with automatic remote data backups, updates and security patches.

  • Large Schools and Institutions

    HeadMaster scales well and is also a perfect hosted solution for larger facilities who need to manage all their students and staff information, plus complex tuition, donors, outreach and fundraising data. This school software management solution empowers your staff and teachers with anytime, anywhere access and connects your parents and students online. We also have clients who are Small Colleges, Seminaries, and Adult Learning Centers.

Additional Service Options

ACS Technologies consistently receives top ranks in service levels above and beyond our competitors. We take a comprehensive approach toward providing solutions for your ministry and intentionally offer support, training, data services, and more to maximize the implementation of our industry-leading software. ACS Technologies is the ideal partner to help you reach your full ministry potential.


  • Preferred Client Program

    OnDemand clients receive unlimited, toll-free support, they will receive software upgrades, special services, discounts, plus many more helpful resources. All new clients are enrolled FREE for 90 days, no obligation.

  • Ministry Implementation

    Our experienced team of former school administrators works with your staff to plan and launch bigger and better things. Let's talk about your goals and put a plan in place to reach them.

  • Data Services

    Data Services provides well-trained experts who help clients address specific issues related to their actual data and database files.

  • Training

    Take advantage of a wide array of training options, led by certified trainers, to ensure the success of those who use our software — from new users to veterans.

  • Ideas to Impact

    Attend our annual client training conference to learn directly from certified trainers, support representatives, and other school faculty who genuinely want to see your school succeed.

  • Forms & Supplies

    We provide complete solutions. All of the forms, supplies, and technology products are quality products guaranteed to work with ACS and HeadMaster software.

Whether online, offline, or wireless, the passion that drives ACS Technologies is maximizing technology's value for ministry. We provide management solutions to nearly 50,000 faith-based organizations with focused development and service efforts in 6 key areas: megachurches, medium/large churches, and small churches, organizations, schools, and the Catholic market. With leading brands Realm, ACS, PDS, The City, and HeadMaster, ACS Technologies enables churches to manage every vital area of their ministry from finances to relationships, from events and groups to giving and serving.

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