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We want to continue to walk this path together. We know ministry is hard. That’s why we think you will love Realm®.

Realm is designed as an all-in-one ministry solution, so you’ll find the best of ACS™, Access ACS, ACS ChurchLife and ACS Financials plus many new things to do ministry in new better ways.

Realm is not ACS. It is very different. Realm is the future. All things reinvented, renewed and inspired by your use of ACS.

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ACS to Realm Data Conversion

Wednesday, April 27th at 11 am EST

Let’s have a quick conversation about the advantages Realm offers over ACS. Simply fill out the form and our Ministry Solutions Consultant will contact you.

Integrated ChMS Back-end

It’s an all-in-one solution. The staff and congregant’s interfaces connect to a powerful administrative back-end.

Improved Giving

People can set up recurring gifts, send in donations via text, manage pledges, and so much more.

Universal Check In

Check in is not just for kids anymore. Use check in for your registration events, classes, or volunteer kiosks.

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Enhanced Reporting

Realm provides stronger reporting, custom queries, and multiple different dashboards for key areas of your ministry.

Integrated Accounting

Now in one system, you can process gifts, event payments, batch entries, check scanning, funds, budgeting, and more.

Connected Congregation

Keep your congregation, small groups, and staff connected throughout the week wherever your ministry may take you.

Just say, "When."

Tell us when you want to make the move, and we’ll make it happen for you and give you the keys to your new experience in Realm. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and make it super easy for your church. All you need to do is tell us you’re ready.

…and we'll start the process.


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For more information contact your software sales consultant at 1-800-736-7425 or click here.

ACS to Realm FAQs

Realm is a new 100% web-based application from ACS Technologies that informs your staff, connects your congregation, and multiplies your ministry across a broader community. It helps church staff manage daily tasks like church contributions, tracking member involvement and contribution trends, sending group emails, managing small groups, and more. It encourages your church body to connect and share experiences together, and it coordinates information, communication, resources, and administration across multiple campuses. All of your data is safely stored and backed up in the cloud, making it available 24/7 from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Realm is already in use by more than 4500 churches, even while it continues to advance and grow in functionality.

No. If you like using ACS People, ACS Financials, Access ACS and ACS ChurchLife and it meets your needs, you can keep using it. Although we are continuing to add features, they will be smaller and less frequent than updates in the past.

There are no plans to sunset any of the ACS suite of products. However, Realm already has more than 4500 churches on it, and more are being added daily. It is built on newer technology, and is significantly more robust than ACS. We expect ACS customers moving to Realm will tell us if and when it’s ever appropriate to sunset the ACS suite.

Realm is a product built to capitalize fulfilling ministry vision for churches through a robust administrative, financial and engagement platform in a single solution. Realm is a true, cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any device. And we’ve introduced new features, such as Pathways, which allow you to help people grow spiritually and take next steps in serving in your church. We’re simplifying reporting with dashboards and easy to use queries. And finally, Realm is built to serve your ministry by helping drive actions your church would naturally perform in connecting with your community.

No. We have customers now who have transitioned to Realm and are currently using ACS Financials. We’ve built an export for donations from Realm to import into ACS Financials. The two main reasons customers choose this path is if they run payroll or they are an accrual basis in ACS. We are working on developing both payroll and accrual accounting and customers can convert their financials to Realm Accounting when they are ready.

Realm pricing is based on typical weekly attendance and the package you prefer (Inform, Connect or Multiply). No more pricing on number of records, users or modules. Contact us and we’ll get you specific numbers.

Yes, we can convert the data from ACS to Realm. There is no charge for that. For ACS People, we convert profiles, comments, and groups. We can convert up to 10 years attendance and giving history. For ACS Financials, we convert the GL chart of accounts, up to 10 years transaction history, Accounts Payable vendors and invoices. Access ACS online gifts and recurring gifts can also be converted.

A move to Realm from ACS is a transition. It can be a bit different, depending on the ACS solutions you have in place currently. If you only use ACS People suite, without using Access ACS, there would be a launch process designed to involved members. We can help and provide resources for success.
If you have launched Access ACS to your congregation, it would involve a re-launch to your congregation. However, we believe the new tools in Realm will create excitement and anticipation, and we are working on tools to help you transition accounts from Access ACS to Realm.
While a move to Realm is a transition, it’s not a full re-launch because an individual’s data is already there. They’ll need to enter a new password (and download a different app if they use the ACS ChurchLife app), but their groups, personal information, family information, giving information, and even their barcodes for check-in will already be there.

We’d love to help you explore if Realm is right for your church. You can watch these videos, join us for a webinar, or simply contact us and one of our team members will answer any questions you have.

Realm is already a powerful tool, but we’re adding more to it everyday. We have a team of over 80 people just working on its development. There is a release every two weeks, and major features are released quarterly. Thousands of churches are using it to manage their ministries and operations.

For more information contact your software sales consultant at 1-800-736-7425 or click here.

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