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Times they are a changing

Ministry Partners using ACS like yourself have taught us a lot.  It has allowed us to work with you and show us what churches need in the 21st century.  Our church technology has advanced unbelievably over the last couple of years, and we are ready to share with you how it will help simplify your life and grow the Kingdom. 

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It’s time to have everything your church needs and never let your software become obsolete.

As our Ministry Partner, we have created a very special exclusive web event for ACS clients only.  We will be covering how ACS compares to MinistryPlatform and all the new and exciting things MinistryPlatform has to offer. 

Some of the many advanced new features we will cover:

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Dashboards, reports, and data filtering

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Incredible automation capabilities

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Powerful congregant communication options

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Amazing group leader and care team tools

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Unlimited giving options

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Integrations and APIs

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See how ACS stacks up against MinistryPlatform
in ministry intel,  rich features, security, and so much more.
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This is an absolute must-attend event. Whether you are currently using ACS Desktop, ACS OnDemand, or have in the past.  Register today so you don’t get left behind.

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"MinistryPlatform has been a life saver for us. They have allowed us to better serve our community by focusing on the people -- not the data. I can't imagine running our parish without it."

- Brandon Hollern / Church of the Nativity