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Lord Jesus

Friday, December 22, 2023

Luke 1:46 - 56

Treasure in your heart

Today’s Gospel is the Magnificat, the great song prayer of the Blessed Mother. It is so significant to the Church that it is sung daily in the Evening Prayer liturgy. While in Scripture, Mary often treasured things “in her heart,” in this prayer, she lets it all out–indeed, it is the single longest quote attributed to the Blessed Mother.

Mary was a devout Jew and familiar with Scripture, so the Magnificat references many Old Testament passages and themes. It centers on her gratitude for God’s perpetual care for the poor and the outcast. To Mary, it was not just a concept; it was personal.

Try this: Spend some quiet moments meditating on the words of the Magnificat, especially how Mary describes God as our savior. How has he shown you his mercy, strength, generosity, saving power, and faithfulness?

Bless us Mary, maiden mild; bless us, too, Her tender Child.