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Monday, December 19, 2022

Luke 1:5 - 25

Children Are A Gift

Children are a gift, and we are reminded of that again in today’s Gospel. Even though Zechariah and Elizabeth “were righteous in the eyes of God,” they didn’t have any children. Can you blame Zechariah for giving a verbal double-take after the fear of seeing the angel pass?

While Elizabeth was fighting all the joys and discomforts of pregnancy, her husband was speechless — literally. Maybe that was a blessing for her (and for him). Maybe it was a lesson in thinking before you speak. Perhaps it allowed him to be silent and reflect on God’s blessing.

We live in a world filled with words; not only are more books published on any given Tuesday than you could read in your lifetime, but there’s also the glut of words on the internet, in periodicals, and in emails.

What would it mean to not speak for nine months while the very thing you have prayed for all your life was underway? What must that have been like for Zechariah? How must it have felt for Elizabeth?

And what does it invite us to today? How can we respond to today’s Gospel in a way that brings us closer to Jesus?

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Daily Prayer

Dear Jesus, you offer me so much, and yet I so often question your intention for me. Help me trust you and embrace the joy Advent has for me.

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