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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Matthew 9:35 — 10:1, 5A, 6 - 8

Like Sheep Without A Shepherd

The crowds back in Jesus’s day aren’t so different from us, are they? We read that they were “troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd.” 

The expectations we place on ourselves for this time of year can be a burden not fit for anyone. Somehow, we expect that this year will be different. We’ll get all the things done, be full of energy and ideas, find the perfect gifts at just the right time and have them wrapped exquisitely. 

Or maybe we expect that other people will show up and be thoughtful, that they will be appreciative and cooperative, and that they will be as excited and thankful as we want them to be.There’s a lot of room for disappointment this time of year, even if we’re not setting ourselves up for it. “Without cost, you have received; without cost, you are to give,” Jesus tells His disciples. Let’s not forget the mercy that brings joy to others. Let’s not lose sight of the great mercy we have received and find ways to share it with others.

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Daily Prayer

Dear God, be my guide as I go through the rest of this Advent journey. Let me offer your love and mercy to others and receive it, too. Be my shepherd and keep me in your loving arms.

SOURCE: Creighton University Online Ministries

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Misc Activity - Food, Drink, etc.

Have each family member share a special Christmas memory while you make S’mores on your grill or fire pit!