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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Matthew 1:1 - 17

The Joy Of Advent

Who you know is important. Who your family is, is also important. We get a sense of that in today’s Gospel, which starts with Abraham and goes all the way to Jesus.

There are several ways to read this passage. Skim through it, see familiar names, nod, and go on. Or pause over some of the names, remembering Old Testament stories.

But there’s a lesson here for us, which ties into Advent’s joy. God didn’t just accidentally toss Jesus out there to save us. It was very deliberate, and there was a reason for each and every person listed.

There is a reason for you, too. There is a reason for this Advent.

This isn’t just well-meaning nonsense designed to get you in the “holiday spirit.” Instead, this is a steadfast promise from the God of the Universe, a covenant he made with his people and fulfilled over 2000 years ago.

You are important. You are so important that, if no one else existed, God would have still sent Jesus as a baby and had him sacrifice his life for you.

That is the joy of Advent. That is the gift God has for you.

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Daily Prayer

God, thank you for Advent and for the love you have for me. Grant me the grace to see it at work in my life today.

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Misc Activity - Food, Drink, etc.

Eggnog French Toast

Create a special Advent breakfast to fuel you during the last week leading up to Christmas

8 slices of dense, thick bread
6 eggs
1 cup eggnog
½ tsp nutmeg
½ tsp cinnamon

Heat pan or griddle to medium heat.

Mix in a medium bowl – eggs, eggnog, and spices.

Place bread slices in egg mixture, coating each side until saturated.

Place bread slices in pan or on the griddle. Flip when lightly browned and repeat with the other side.