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Financial gifts are an expression of personal stewardship, and are one key sign of parishioner engagement in their parish and diocese. Financial contributions are the primary source of funds, so it’s critical your parishioners can easily and securely give online. Our giving solutions are customizable, secure, and always available.

We can help.

  • MinistryPlatform offers multiple giving options, including online, cash, check, or in app, so parishioners can give how they want when they want. You can leverage the giving capabilities in MinistryPlatform to enable capital campaigns, mission trips, or pledging initiatives. 
  • Donor and donation information is automatically pushed into MinistryPlatform with our deep giving integrations so you have a complete view of giving at all times.
  • Parish Data System allows parishioners to give online and via text or mobile app and includes traditional options such as cash or check.
  • Parishes can create forms for specific funds or initiatives, such as a mission trip or building fund, so parishioners can donate to the causes of their choice. 
  • Contributions can be posted to Parish Data System in batches so your database can stay up to date with donor and giving history. 
  • Every parish and every diocese is looking for new ways to raise more money. Don’t shy from it. Get better at it. In MinistrySmart you can discover what other parishes and dioceses are doing to increase stewardship offerings. Don’t let a lack of knowledge hold your ministry back. 
  • Train yourself and your team and learn at your own pace.
  • Target focused areas of education needed by staff role. 
  • MissionInsite is a powerful resource available to inform and inspire your diocesan planning efforts.   The system leverages multiple data sources such as Experian and the US Census to provide insights into community demographic information and the proprietary study of religious beliefs and preferences shows you where the unchurched are in your community .  Through the use of MissionInsite, diocesan and parish leaders gain knowledge to better focus ministries, bring people to God, and foster the journey to personal discipleship.
  • With MissionInsite,  you have access to granular information about your area from the demographic or the socio-economic makeup to the faith involvement of potential parishioners so you can best tailor your ministry efforts to your community.
  • Understand how your community is evolving with trend data in MissionInsite. You will have access to historical as well as projected population information and a breakdown of race, culture, or lifestyle groups so you have confidence in planning for the future. 

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"For tracking contributions, I have my hand in that pretty much weekly. And so, from start to finish, MinistryPlatform had a process in place for us to do online donations so I didn't have to go outside to another vendor. We didn't have to do all this extra work to make sure that we were giving people credit for what they gave."

Wade McFall

Parish Business Manager

"We were able to initiate online giving in a snap with ACST!."

Dianna Rottiers

Pastoral Associate


Catholic Parish Brief


Catholic Parish Brief

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