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As pastor, you are teaming with parish leaders to use their gifts to manage the operations of the parish and invite and inspire parishioners to be active in the community of Faith.  Parish staff are seeking ways to engage your community in person and virtually.  And they are seeking ways to accompany parishioners in their journey.  This requires a more personalized interaction to invite people into a relationship and support them as they encounter their faith.

We can help.

  • MinistryPlatform is the ideal solution for parishes with parishioner record management, groups, check-in and events, engagement tracking and automation, communications, data filtering, and reporting, contributions, and more. MinistryPlatform has robust APIs for integrations and customization capabilities to make your database meet your needs. 
  • MinistryPlatform allows you to reach parishioners in a more personalized way. The professional communication functions enable you to send one-time or scheduled communications and tailor content to each user with PocketPlatform, the accompanying app. 
  • MinistryPlatform gives you a complete view of your parishioner activities with the ability to automate changes in engagement status based on activity so you can tailor your communications or assign lay leaders to accompany people on their journey.
  • Make informed decisions in your parish with reports and data filtering capabilities. MinistryPlatform includes over 200 reports, and you can use advanced search to get a more specific or granular view of your data.
  • Parish Data System (PDS) is a traditional church management system that serves every parish staff member with full functionality for managing people, financials, and religious education. 
  • Over 10,000 parishes and dioceses use PDS to support their missions. 
  • With PDS, you can record and track parishioner information, such as sacraments and giving history, and run reports on all areas of your ministry. 
  • Integrating giving and financials makes pulling reports an easy task. You can also maintain budgets, view transaction history, and export data.
  • Your whole parish staff can use MinistrySmart as a powerful collection of practical learning and teaching tools, methods, and education needed to reach new goals and empower entire ministry teams. It’s A-Z church know-how.
  • Leveraging over 40 years of experience working with parishes and dioceses, we provide comprehensive training for our solutions and ministry consulting to reach specific goals. MinistrySmart also offers podcasts, an online community, and conferences.
  • In MinistrySmart Academy, you and your entire team will have access to online interactive courses, in-depth webinars, proactive strategies, and learning experiences designed to help you dismantle silos and unite your church with purpose and knowledge. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and on your own time, all while being guided by our team of ministry experts.
  • Backed by multiple, powerful data sources such as Experian and the US Census, MissionInsite allows  your Diocese to have a deep understanding of your community with data on demographics and socioeconomics, and  ACS Technologies proprietary study on  religious beliefs and preferences adds a deeper lens into who they are. 
  • Mapping tools and reports allow you to see granular information about people in your community, shedding light on who they are, what they care about, what draws them to a parish, and opportunities to serve them. You can also see projected information based on historical trends to bolster confidence in your planning for the future.
  • With MissionInsite, you’ll be equipped to make strategic decisions about evangelization, long term planning, revitalization, and leadership.

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Holy Martyrs needed a tool that would increase parishioner engagement, specifically in the areas of volunteering,  pastoral care, and religious education. Holy Martyrs chose MinistryPlatform because it allowed them to match the gifts and talents of parishioners to volunteer opportunities, gave their pastors and care teams the tools they needed to care for their fellow parishioners, and let them expand their religious education programs. 

Our Lady of Victory Parish leveraged PDS to improve operations and communications in their large parish. With a larger parish comes larger problems. See how they thought it through and found the right solutions for them.


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Our Lady of Victory Parish leveraged PDS to improve operations and communications in their large parish. With a larger parish comes larger problems. See how they thought it through and found the right solutions for them.

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