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Effective planning requires understanding the landscape of your parishes and community beyond today. Current data is helpful for short-term decisions, but your parishioners and people in the community continue to evolve, as well as the areas you serve. You need more than just opinions and gut feelings to make smart, long-term investments in your diocese and parish. Leadership needs data and forecasting tools to make the right decisions.

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  • MissionInsite is a powerful resource available to inform and inspire your planning efforts. The system leverages multiple data sources such as Experian and the US Census to provide insights into community demographic information and the proprietary study of religious beliefs and preferences shows you where the unchurched are in your community. Through the use of MissionInsite, diocesan and parish leaders gain knowledge to better focus ministries, bring people to God, and foster the journey to personal discipleship.
  • With MissionInsite, you have access to granular information about your area, from the demographic or the socio-economic makeup to the faith involvement of potential parishioners, so you can best tailor your ministry efforts to your community.
  • Understand how your community is evolving with trend data in MissionInsite. You will have access to historical and projected population information and a breakdown of race, culture, or lifestyle groups, so you have confidence in planning for the future. 
  • Planning for the future is scary for sure. But, in MinistrySmart Academy, you will be able to get started quickly and easily using MissionInsite, a remarkable tool to learn what you need to do next and why. Plus, get educated on new best practices for demographic insights and growth strategies all in one place. 
  • Train yourself and your team. Learn at your own pace.
  • Target focused areas of education needed by staff role. 
  • MinistryPlatform is the ideal solution for parishes with parishioner record management, groups, check-in and events, engagement tracking and automation, communications, data filtering and reporting, contributions, and more. MinistryPlatform has robust APIs for integrations and customization capabilities to make your database meet your needs. 
  • MinistryPlatform allows you to reach  parishioners in a more personalized way.  The professional communication functions allow you to send one-time or scheduled communications, and you can  tailor content to each user with PocketPlatform, the accompanying app. 
  • MinistryPlatform gives you a complete view of your parishioner activities with the ability to automate changes in engagement status based on activity so you can tailor your communications, or assign lay leaders to accompany people on their journey.
  • Make informed decisions in your parish with reports and data filtering capabilities. MinistryPlatform includes over 200 reports and you can use advanced search to get a more specific or granular view of your data.
  • Parish Data System (PDS) is a traditional church management system that serves every member of parish staff with full functionality for managing people, financials, and religious education. 
  • A cathlic leader, for over 40 years, with over 10,000 parishes and dioceses using PDS to support their missions. 
  • With PDS, you can record and track parishioner information, such as sacraments and giving history, and run reports on all areas of your ministry. 
  • Integrating giving and financials makes pulling reports an easy task. You can also maintain budgets, view transaction history, and export data.

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“MissionInsite is a key ministry tool for parish mission planning, especially helping parishes to know the nature and needs of their total mission field (parish boundaries). With the demographic, cultural and economic insights from MissionInsite, parishes are better able to create mission plans for relevant and targeted evangelization, outreach and community impact.”

Barry Metzentine

Director of Parish
Operations & Misson Planning

Staff members were able to learn quickly, and it has been wonderful! We've also started using Pathways for our event coordination.

Caroline Bates


Catholic Parish Brief


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