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PDS is committed to giving you more...long into the future.


    We did a webinar to introduce you to some of the exciting enhancements and improvements now in PDS.

    Karen Komlos shared with you what's in PDS version 9. Maria Treptow introduced you to PDS complete and Paul Goldsworthy took you on a guided tour of our newest product Realm.

    Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax and see what you missed.

Get more in PDS V9.

  • The PDS team worked hard on PDS Version 9. So what's in it, you ask? More features! Take a look at some of the features sure to make you happy.

    • Integrated eGiving - online, text, and mobile app
    • eGiving Coaches and giving resources
    • Export and import all information for each family
    • Delete or deactivate groups of families who don't have fund activities
    • Add comments to fund periods
    • Save, store, and manage your bank reconciliation reports
    • Celebrant name search
    • Use an old schedule to create new events

    All those features and more are in PDS Version 9.

    PDS remains the most used Catholic Church software for a reason. It has more features and offers more functionality than any other options. Plus, with PDS OnDemand you can get all the great PDS features you love in the cloud to work anytime, anywhere.

    PDS is here to stay, and PDS V9 is proof we are committed to its future and your best value.

    Discover what PDS can do for you

  • Version 9

    Read the official press release

Get more of the best with PDS Complete.

  • PDS Complete is the selection of all our best values all in one package for you. It's got more of everything most parishes and dioceses want: always the latest version of PDS, cloud-based use of the software, and the top-rated industry support we are known for.

    • The Best Service - The support you need when you need it
    • The Best Software - More features and options than anyone else
    • The Best Training - Instructor-led and self-paced options

    With PDS Complete, you get a wide variety of services and discounts to ensure your software solutions are always current and supported, including the latest update to PDS Version 9.

    We answer most support calls in under 1 minute. That's what you get when you get the best of the best in PDS Complete.

    All the best in one easy to use bundle just for you.

    Learn more about the PDS Complete Program

Get more with integrated administration, accounting, and community.

Realm® is our newest, 100% cloud-based mobile solution that has administration, accounting, and community all in one. It enables staff to work more efficiently with all the tools they need with access from anywhere with a secure login for extra safety, and parishioners can connect throughout the week in a single communications platform using desktop, tablet, or their mobile phone.

Realm has got more of the latest advances in easy-to-use mobile-communication-oriented functionality. We'd love to show you around Realm. But we also want to remind you that PDS is still a great solution for parishes and dioceses that prefer a more traditional software solution.

We are excited about the future with Realm for those who want all its benefits. And we are dedicated to PDS too for all those who want what it has to offer. Let's face it, one size doesn't fit all. With us, it's your choice to pick what suits you best.

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