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Don’t Blame It on the Software! (pt. 2)

pwhite March 29, 2011

Any software application worth using is the product of a long and detailed process that includes development decisions, programming and testing. All software, from the design concept to the finished product, is designed to accomplish specific goals by performing specific functions. In other words, software should be used, within a reasonable degree of tolerance, in the manner that it was intended to… Continue Reading »


Don’t Blame It on the Software! (pt. 1)

pwhite March 25, 2011

Many churches invest significant funds in the hardware and/or software needed to manage their church’s data and operations. But, by failing to ensure that some basic principles are correctly implemented, they can quickly become ineffective and inefficient. Consider the following to help avoid that situation. 1.  Hardware/Software Compatibility One of the unfortunate facts of life is… Continue Reading »


Some Friday Humor

Marvin Owen March 4, 2011

On Friday afternoons, the pace of work slows down at ACS Technologies as it does in most offices.  I like to spend the down time reading up on blogs and industry group forums.  I came across this humorous article on “seminar talk” and I adapted the concept to “support talk”.  As you read this, remember that it… Continue Reading »

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