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Haven’t seen vascular biometric identification yet? It’s catching on fast.

Meredith Mahon Morris August 30, 2011

Increasingly, churches are using vascular biometric ID at the point of entry in these areas because biometrics helps:

Increase speed of check in
Tighten security
Reduce waste and conserve resources by eliminating paper or barcode cards
Establish a tracking mechanism to keep accurate records
Boost productivity of staff


Step Up Your Stewardship Program (even in a tough economy)

Meredith Mahon Morris August 3, 2011

Two years ago, when I was a reporter for a daily newspaper, I was talking to a man who works as a financial adviser for a nonprofit agency. He had retired early and now worked as a volunteer, helping people get their financial house in order. He knew a lot about economics, and he cheerfully told me that the recession was over.

“But when will it feel like it’s over?” I asked.

Confidently, he told me that it would no longer feel like a recession by the end of summer 2010.

I’m still waiting.

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