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A Revolution can be a Good Thing

Amy Scott-Lundy March 13, 2014

Have you lived through a revolution? When we hear the word revolution, it’s usually in the context of a government being overthrown, but there are other kinds of revolutions, and we are living in the midst of one. Of course I’m talking about the technology revolution swirling around us.  In the last 20 years, people… Continue Reading »


Windows XP Users: Time is Running Out

Mark Thompson March 12, 2014

If you use Windows® XP, you have to make some decisions over the next month. Microsoft® is putting XP out to pasture on April 8. In computer terms, it will “no longer be supported”. What is “End of Support”? Hackers are constantly at work trying to find weaknesses in operating systems that let them insert… Continue Reading »


Are You Up-to-Date or In the Dust?

Kaitlyn Snook March 11, 2014

Church information management has come a long way – from paper documents in a file cabinet, to digital files in a database. You strive to ensure your church data is updated and accurate, and you should strive just as much to ensure that your church software is up-to-date. But Why? At ACS Technologies, we constantly… Continue Reading »


Are you Leading or Managing Your Church?

John Gilman March 5, 2014

There’s a lot out there on church leadership and management. There’s a difference. Managers have one eye on yesterday, leaders have one eye on tomorrow, together they have two eyes on today. They balance energy and efficiency. In the dance of day to day decisions, Leaders take initiative and guide the steps. Leaders move and managers… Continue Reading »


Ministry Impact Story: TrueNorth Church, North Augusta, SC

Meredith Mahon Morris March 3, 2014

  Focus on the Church Body. TrueNorth Church in N. Augusta, SC, has a vision for a ministry that is focused on the body and not the building.   Lead Pastor, Steven Davis, reminds his team that “We follow the breadcrumbs that God leaves us.” Around 1800 people meet each week at North Augusta High School,… Continue Reading »

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