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Ministry Impact Story: Downtown Presbyterian, Nashville, TN

Meredith Mahon Morris June 25, 2014

  Historic Church, Contemporary Ministry  Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN, is anything but typical. The congregation gathers each week in the historic sanctuary, where they are greeted by a stunning Egyptian Revival motif and antique pipe organ. The church is also home to studio space for eight local Nashville artists. The church prides itself on… Continue Reading »


5 Words of Wisdom to Ministers on Father’s Day

John Gilman June 13, 2014

The month of June is exciting for most families because it represents for many the end of school, summer break, and hopefully some well-deserved time of family vacation. However, perhaps even more important is the third Sunday of the month, which is a day celebrated and known as Father’s Day. For most ministers, it is… Continue Reading »


Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 4

Mark Thompson June 13, 2014

Part Four: The Cloud and Involvement I know a church elder whose impressions of social media were forever ruined when his daughter ran off  with a…well let’s call him a “character”…that she met on Facebook. On the other hand, consider the case of a Lutheran church that was actually saved by its online blog. Like all… Continue Reading »


Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 3

Mark Thompson June 12, 2014

Part Three: The Cloud and Mobility Do you want a 24/7 church? That’s not a rhetorical question; it’s a stewardship question. And there’s no shame in answering “no”. For older, smaller, and slow-growing churches, there may be little advantage to giving staff members anytime access to church data or the ability to do their jobs… Continue Reading »


Ministry Change is like Swimming with an Alligator

John Gilman June 10, 2014

Change isn’t easy, but change means you’re alive. Without change, you die. A body that isn’t changing is dead. Life is a complex set of barely manageable changes that work together and keep us moving. Churches always need to change. The word of God remains forever, but the things we do and how we do… Continue Reading »


Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 1

Mark Thompson June 10, 2014

Part One: Where the “Revolution” Stands Today There’s a lot of hope in cloud technology. And there’s just as much hype, with no end of businesses promising to transform your humble ministry into a bleeding-edge Internet church with ipad orchestras and hip, virtual coffee shop prayer groups. But you know better than anyone who your members are and… Continue Reading »

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