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Monthly Archives: March 2015


7 Keys to Making Difficult Decisions

Meredith Mahon Morris March 30, 2015

Making decisions isn’t easy. It scares us and drains our strength, but decisions have to be made. When you make one, trust that God has everything under control, and know He works everything for His purpose and your good even if you don’t know what His specific purpose in a certain situation is or understand… Continue Reading »


How to Make Ministry Memorable

John Gilman March 23, 2015

We know you’re doing a lot of teaching, but are your people doing a lot of learning? Do they remember what they’ve learned? Do you know how to make ministry memorable? Dr. Edgar Dale researched the types of experiences that built the most last memories in our minds. He found that people remember: 90% of… Continue Reading »


Extend an Invitation to your Website

Meredith Mahon Morris March 10, 2015

Websites are often the first impression of your church. They are a great way to share your church’s message, ministries and upcoming events and welcome newcomers. Most churches today already have a website, but many are in serious need of a “revival”. There are countless numbers of dull and outdated websites all over the Internet. Extend… Continue Reading »

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