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Connecting Ideas: Promoting your Church’s Social Media Posts with Hashtags

Amy Scott-Lundy June 23, 2015

Social media is known for connecting individuals. Hashtags, one of social media’s features, provide a way to connect ideas and content. If you’re new to social media or don’t use the internet much outside of your church office, here’s a quick primer on hashtags and how they can help you increase the reach of your… Continue Reading »


Seven Steps To Being a Great Dad for Father’s Day

John Gilman June 16, 2015

Father’s Day is here again and us dads need to step up our game. Our children’s lives depend on it. We need to be the fathers the Father planned for us to be. To help do this, here are seven steps to being a great dad for Father’s Day. 1.) Quantity of time = Quality of time…. Continue Reading »


Guilt Won’t Stop the Summer Giving Slump

Jan Jasmin June 10, 2015

By this time in the summer, graduations have passed, vacations are starting and unless you have a widely adopted electronic donation program, giving to your church is likely in steep decline. There can be a temptation to send your members on a guilt trip along with their summer trip. But don’t do it. Here’s why…. Continue Reading »


ACS Financials and the Affordable Care Act

Jason Dailey June 9, 2015

Understanding Your Church’s Responsibilities The Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects millions of U.S. citizens and businesses. It’s big legislation, and people are asking countless questions about the details. All the chatter aside, what’s relevant to you as church administrators is that the ACA carries an employee mandate – and you need to know what it… Continue Reading »


The Most Important Technique for a Church Planter to Master

John Gilman June 8, 2015

Recently, a friend of mine began to plant a church in a city 700 miles away from his current church where he knew no one. He is either really brave or incredibly oblivious. He has read most of the books, investigated many planting models, and planted a successful church before. His first plant was too… Continue Reading »


Nine Questions To Ignite Discipleship Conversations With Your Staff

John Gilman June 3, 2015

Pastoring isn’t easy. Pastors make and take tough calls. They hire people, fire people,  marry people, and bury people. They work to save marriages that are falling apart, decide when it’s time to repaint the choir room, and make difficult finical decisions, all while preparing one or more weekly messages that are supposed to life-changing,… Continue Reading »

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