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Preparing a Solid Communication Foundation for Your Church

Catherine Franklin July 29, 2015

As a church leader, your greatest honor is being trusted with the spiritual growth of other believers. Your greatest responsibility is to set the overall tone of the ministry while providing a safe environment for believers to thrive. One of the most important ways you do this is by preparing a solid communication foundation for… Continue Reading »


Six Tools to Combat Pastoral Burnout

Meredith Mahon Morris July 22, 2015

Being a pastor is really hard work.  Sometimes pastors feel like they have the burdens of their entire congregation on their shoulders. Ask anyone who’s shepherded a church. Pastors are people too and some of the statistics tell a sad story. Six Shocking Facts About Pastors 71% claim they’re burned out and/or spiritually fatigued 1,500… Continue Reading »


Four Questions Religious Organizations Should Ask Before Sending Their Email Newsletter

Meredith Mahon Morris July 16, 2015

Whenever you’re sending emails to your members, you’re fighting for attention. They’re looking at a steady stream of messages, so you need yours to stand out. So before you hit send on your next newsletter or announcement, ask yourself these questions: Are your subject lines compelling? A subject line like “February Newsletter” isn’t going to… Continue Reading »


Three Steps to Ministry Scheduling Success

Raina Hanson July 10, 2015

I’ve worked in the world of volunteer scheduling for churches for years now, both as a children’s ministry scheduler and as a tech support agent for Ministry Scheduler Pro. In my conversations with hundreds of churches worldwide, it’s become abundantly clear that there are three key steps for recruiting and organizing volunteers, and then keeping… Continue Reading »


The 10 Commandments of Facebook Communications

Meredith Mahon Morris July 8, 2015

Social media connects us virtually with people from the various geographical and temporal periods of our lives. My Facebook friends and Twitter followers have personalities and values that stretch to the edges of society. Some are liberal and others are conservative, some believe in God while others don’t; the only thing some of them have… Continue Reading »


Maximize The Effects of Vacation Bible School

Meredith Mahon Morris July 1, 2015

Vacation Bible School is a staple on many church calendars as we hit the summer months.  For many churches, this week dates back many years.  VBS can provide a big boost to the overall church if planned properly.  Here are ten things that can help maximize the effects of Vacation Bible School this summer: 1.  … Continue Reading »

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