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Five Rules Of Reaching Out To Someone Who’s Left Your Church

John Gilman October 19, 2015

When people leave your church, things get awkward. Seeing them in public can be like seeing an ex from college. You don’t know how friendly or distant you should be. Here are Five Rules Of Reaching Out To Someone Who’s Left Your Church: Rule 1: You Reach Out To Them. Jesus told parables about a… Continue Reading »


The Four Reasons People Leave Your Church

John Gilman October 19, 2015

If they haven’t moved geographically, there’s a reason they’ve stopped coming. It hurts when people leave our churches. Our churches are like families. We spend lots of time together and learn to love each other. If you’re wondering why people leave, there are reasons. In particular, there are four reasons people will leave your church…. Continue Reading »


Five Ways Realm Pathways Help People Do Church Better

Meredith Mahon Morris October 13, 2015

Realm pathways provide the framework that moves people through the processes that make both your ministry and your people stronger. Pathways are customizable and provide the framework churches need to help people fit into the organization. Realm’s pathways also help people close the gaps between what they’ve planned to happen and what actually happens. Here are Five… Continue Reading »


Maintaining Community In A Digital Age

Raina Hanson October 6, 2015

Being personally connected to your community is written into the deepest values of Christianity. Just because churches are going digital, doesn’t mean that personal touch will be lost! Here are some of great ways for maintaining community in a digital age, without spending all your time answering calls and emails! Call your volunteers (occasionally). This… Continue Reading »


Appreciation For Your Pastor

John Gilman October 6, 2015

February is the month of love traditionally on the calendar worldwide. But for the church, October is significant in showing love to pastors through the observance of Pastor Appreciation Month. The pastor’s life can be very stress-filled, as a “good” pastor in the eyes of God is constantly pouring himself into the lives of others.  … Continue Reading »

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