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Customer Advisory Team!

Kaitlyn Snook December 14, 2016

The best way to make Realm better is to talk directly with the people who use it — you! That’s exactly why we created the Customer Advisory Team (“the CAT”).

Gail Paulus joined the CAT and hasn’t hesitated to share her true thoughts and feelings with us, which helps make Realm better. People like Gail are considered “Cool Cats” because she’s happy and willing to help us with all of our advisory needs.

Cool Cat Gail

Gail with UX team at the 2016 Ideas to Impact Conference.

Gail is the Life Group Administrator and Grow Coordinator at Oak Pointe Church in Novi, Michigan. We value her large church perspective to round out Realm’s abilities to be a great solution for churches of all sizes.

Gail helped us understand her role and the features her church needs from Realm. Here are some things she helped us with this year.


Every year at the Ideas to Impact conference, our user experience (UX) team brings all sorts of design questions, usability tests, and surveys. We set up a bunch of activities at the 2016 conference, and Gail completed every one!

She gave feedback on icons we planned to use in Realm, played with a prototype of new functions, and took a peek at upcoming, never-before-seen changes.

Event Registration, Paid Events, and Reports

Throughout the year, we met with Gail in three separate sessions. We asked questions on how she registers congregants for events, how her church collects money for events, and how she runs reports.

As we walked through each area’s designs, Gail gave us great suggestions. She explained what her church does to handle different situations, like:

  • What if a congregant wants to pay at the door?
  • When do you need a total headcount?
  • What questions are you looking to answer when running a report?

A few times, Gail asked questions we hadn’t even thought of! We were able to lead the development team down the right path to make these areas well-rounded and more effective.

Recruited Congregants for Mobile Giving

We test a lot of features that admins and staff use in Realm (like the three above). But we also have congregant-facing tools that need to be tested before they’re launched. And to do that, we need congregants.

It’s hard enough to schedule our clients to meet and give us feedback, and it’s even harder to ask congregants who may not even know what Realm is. Gail asked around and got several volunteers from her church to talk with us about mobile giving.

It’s such a big help to have someone like Gail on our team. We’re so thankful for her.

If you’re interested in giving your feedback on future Realm functions, join the CAT by emailing your name, site number, and job title to We’ll schedule a meeting with you when we’re working on designs related to your role.

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