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Homecoming: How To Make Your Celebration Better

Meredith Mahon Morris November 2, 2015

Are Homecoming services a thing of the past? It probably depends on who you ask, but for many churches this service can give them the shot in the arm they have been needing.

Approximately 30 years ago, homecoming services were very prevalent across the religious landscape. These days, not as much.  For many churches, the day would consist of special singing, a former pastor preaching and a hearty meal served on church grounds. For those who grew up going to homecoming, the memories are very good ones.

So, how does the 21st century church view Homecoming and can it be effective?

Here are several ideas for churches to consider when planning a homecoming service:

  1. Hold a “Throwback” Service: If you have a church with senior adults in attendance, they will love it. Do a little research into your church’s history and try to replicate how they used hold services years ago. If available, enlarge pictures from decades past, especially if you can include pictures of current senior members as children.
  2. Bring back a former minister: Most churches love to see some of their previous pastors. Get in touch with a few of them to see if they are available to attend and possible deliver the day’s message.
  3. Celebrate your history weekend: Instead of calling it homecoming, come up with a neat name so you can celebrate past milestones or achievements. Be creative and involve several long-time members to help in planning.
  4. Luncheon: Churches love to fellowship and eat together. Plan a lunch after your special weekend service.
  5. Special musical group: Change your service up one weekend by adding some time to your normal worship with a special band or musical group to come and sing.

Are you celebrating Homecoming this fall? If so, do you have any suggestions to make it more interesting or well attended? Let us know in the comments section below!

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