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Realm Event Registration: Getting the Party Started

Erin McManaway September 2, 2016

Bringing people together is what ministry is all about. Any church event can inspire congregants and become a place for group fellowship. However, a well-organized event generally doesn’t just happen on its own.

If you’ve ever conducted a church event, you know the time and details that go into it. That’s why Realm has introduced event registration, a feature that allows you to create, manage and publish events online.

For the Administrators

As an administrator, you have the ability to create a free or paid event in Realm. Currently, these events support features such as multi-day registration, named and unnamed guests, and event reports.

Publishing an event allows congregants to view and sign up for it, making it possible for you to offer online registration. If you’d prefer to add registrants to the event manually, you can choose to make the event private instead.


Events can also have registration types, such as “child” or “adult.” These are completely customizable to what each event requires. Or, you can choose not to use a registration type at all.

If you do create registration types, you can then associate a cost with those types to create a paid event. Depending on the event, registrants can make payments online or pay later, at the door. If you need registrants to pay a deposit for an event up front, you can also choose to accept partial payments.

For the Congregants

When an event is published, it’s listed on the Community > Events page. Here, congregants can browse events, view all the important details about them, and choose which events to register for online.

register events

During registration, Realm automatically provides information about the registrant’s family, allowing them to quickly register their family members. Depending on the event, they may also register guests and make online payments at the time of registration.

If something changes later on, and someone can’t attend, the registrant can make adjustments to the registration at any time. Of course, administrators always have access to the registrants list and can make changes to it as well.

Check Out Realm Event Registration

Though event registration is here and ready to use, more registration features are on the way. Next time you need to organize a picnic, a community event, a bible study, a concert – you name it – let Realm help you get the party started!

If you’d like more information about Realm registration events, click here.

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