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Is Your Browser Hurting You? This Includes Windows XP!

Rebecca Moore December 11, 2014

Ok people, gather round and listen because we have some knowledge to impart to all of you. As all of you reading this know, from articles we have posted as well as information provided from Microsoft in press releases and articles, support for Windows XP ceased to be on April 8, 2014. This was done… Continue Reading »


Don’t Pass On Password Managers

Rebecca Moore July 9, 2014

Password Manager programs have been around for a while. However, not many people are utilizing these programs to help protect them and their information on the Internet. These programs help to keep your passwords strong and your information safe. What is a password manager? A password manager is software or a website that helps you… Continue Reading »


Four Rules for Better Commenting

Rebecca Moore November 13, 2013

Have a question about something? Have sufficient knowledge about a subject and want to help others by answering their questions? Want to voice your concern about an issue or problem? Know where you can do all those things? In comments. Using the comments section of a website or forum can seem daunting or fruitless; especially… Continue Reading »


What Are API’s?

Rebecca Moore October 8, 2013

What does API stand for? It is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. What is it exactly? An API is code that programmers/developers expose for people to use to communicate with their program/service. It essentially lets you talk to their program and use information they have released. Some API’s are free while others are sold… Continue Reading »

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