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How Should Your Church Keep Score?

John Gilman January 7, 2014

Keeping-Score_coverEach church is different, but metrics matter. The church has always kept numbers. Jesus fed 5,000 people. Jesus trained the 12. He sent out 72, and there were 120 in the upper room. Jesus appeared to over 500 people after His resurrection. Peter’s first sermon resulted in 3,000 being added to the church. Paul met and prayed with 12 disciples in Ephesus while planting a church there.

Dave Ferguson just released a free Ebook called Keeping Score. He has thousands of people in his ministry who meet at 14 locations, and Keeping Score reveals the way he defines and uses ministry metrics to guide godly decision making.

It’s free, easy to read, and thought provoking. You should check it out. Keeping Score can move from counting butts in seats to more meaningful measures. Use it to start conversations with leadership about what to count and how to count it.

Here’s a small look inside Keeping Score.

Dave lists some of the metrics he uses.

  • The number of people who attend a worship service 
  • The number of people who are in a small group 
  • The number of people who are serving both within the church and outside the church programming
  • The number of people who are going through an apprenticeship
  • The number of people who were baptized 
  • The number of people who are in a small group with a written mission statement
  • The number of new churches or campuses started 
  • The number of people in new churches and campuses which their church started
  • The amount of money given to the church 
  • The number of first-time givers to the church 
  • The amount of money given to organizations outside the church 
  • The number of other churches or not-for-profits with whom you partner
  • The number of leadership residents, or people being trained to plant new churches or campuses 

For the rest of the list and to download Dave’s free ebook click here.

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