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Prayer and Technology Do Go Hand in Hand

sallyg February 9, 2010

The power of prayer.  I believe in it.  I am active participant in it.  I am thankful for it.  I depend on it.

I blogged recently about my close college roommates.  4 girls, living together for 4 years.  You get close, really close.  We shared rooms, bathrooms, laughs, tears, and even a few crushes.  People would ask where the other one was when 3 of us would go somewhere together.  I even spent a semester abroad with one of the girls, and we backpacked for 3 weeks together.  So, we are incredibly bonded.

One of the girls has a little boy who is a few months younger than my own son.  She actually visited  when my son was just 3 weeks old to help.  Not just to give a quick hug, but the roomies took the night shift while I slept.  While she was there, she shared the news that she was pregnant.  What a joy to experience this journey of life together.  Last week she contacted me that her 2 year old son has some swelling of lymph nodes and all previous tests are leading to the probability that they are lymphoma.  They will not know for certain until a biopsy later this week that involves putting him under anesthesia.  She is scared about not only the diagnosis but also the procedure.  She is feeling comforted and peace by the prayers and outreach of her family and friends.

An experience like this makes you especially thankful for prayers and the outreach of prayer circles and groups.  As I ponder it, I think of the avenues how her prayer request has reached so many that care about her and even those that don’t know her.  Technology played an important part.  She e-mailed me from her phone in the doctor’s office soon after getting the news.  She was able to share this quickly instead of the days of waiting until the evening to call or even mailing a letter to go back further.  She has blogged about her experiences these past few weeks.  Those that know her and some that do not are a part of this journey.

I am curious how she let her church know and how the word traveled and is being tracked.  (Later, we’ll discuss this in detail, but I know now is not the time.)  I am thankful that I know her church is sharing her request and spreading the word.  Did they do a search in the software and e-mail it out to a group?  Will it be in their Constant Contact newsletter?  Are they organizing meals?  (Personally, I love the site to organize this…)

How do you track and share prayer requests?  It has changed in the past few years!  I am often thankful for technology and software in how it simplifies processes in our life.  Here, it truly enhances it.

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