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Improved Group Communication with Realm

Erin McManaway June 15, 2017

Realm churches that have Connect or Multiply packages may have noticed some changes to the Community section lately. These changes center around your church groups and how the people in these groups can use Realm to communicate better with each other.

Groups that enable the new Realm communication tools now have a section called News. This works similarly to a newsfeed you may have used on other online social media platforms. However, if you’re not familiar with the concept behind newsfeeds, here’s a different way to approach it.

Interactive Bulletin Board

Think of the Realm newsfeed like an online bulletin board for your church group. This is where people in your group can posts things, set up events, and share photos with people in the group. When you create new content on the newsfeed, everyone in the group is notified based on their chosen Realm settings. Group leaders can see group member settings on their Participants page.

But, what makes the newsfeed more useful than a regular bulletin is that it’s interactive!

Not only can people create content on the newsfeed that’s shared with everyone in their group, other people can respond to that content. You can support things that you like by clicking the heart icon, or add to a conversation by leaving your own comment. For events, you can RSVP and even volunteer to bring something if the event creator requested items.

Going Mobile

Now, imagine if you could take this interactive bulletin board with you wherever you go. That’s exactly what Realm’s new Connect mobile app for iOS and Android lets you do!

So, even when you’re not near a computer, you can check the newsfeed to find out what’s going on with your groups. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your church family when you’re on the go.

Enabling the web app notifications on your mobile device will let you know when someone shares something on your group’s newsfeed. Notifications will keep you informed about everything that is happening in your church groups.

Do you want the Realm Connect app for your mobile device? If you have a QR reader, open it and point your device at the QR code below to download the mobile app.

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