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Huddling Up for Football Season with Your Church

John Gilman July 27, 2016

Football is arguably the most popular sport in America today.  The NFL alone generated $13 billion in revenue last year.  The 32 NFL teams are worth about $45 billion, which is more than every MLB and NFL team combined!  This doesn’t even take into consideration the popularity of college football as well.  Football is America’s… Continue Reading »


How to Create Margin in Your Life-Especially as a Leader

John Gilman May 21, 2016

Busyness seems to be the way we live, as leaders in particular. I don’t love admitting my faults, but I’ll be quick to own up to the fact that I’m an “over-scheduler.” I’m known to regularly try to fit THIS much activity into this much time. When my calendar is filled to the brim  it… Continue Reading »

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