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5 Steps to Engaging with your Congregation

John Gilman October 28, 2016

Church attendance seems to be trending down these days for sure. Commitment is lacking and there are plenty of distractions that keep the average church-goer’s attention away from church. Church leaders should be concerned about this and asking themselves how we can keep our congregation focused and engaged in our ministry. There are many opinions… Continue Reading »


Overcoming the Legitimate Church Barriers vs. the Bad Excuses

John Gilman February 15, 2016

Excuses, excuses. We’ve all heard them. They all stink. Church leaders are not strangers to excuses. Like a teacher staring at a student who just claimed, with a strait face, that the dog ate the homework; church leaders are often left looking at members wondering to themselves, “do you really expect me to buy that?”… Continue Reading »

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