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Want Church Volunteers? Show Your Value!

Mike Faber March 20, 2016

There are a myriad of indications that Americans are busier today than ever before. We talk on the phone while driving (legally in some states, not so legally in others), we eat breakfast while walking (so McDonald’s and Burger King hope) and we study while sleeping (my kids tell me this works; grades are pending!) With the busy lifestyles we all lead, how can a church find people who have the time to volunteer? The key is not in creating more time within which to fit yet another commitment; 24-hour days are non-negotiable! The key to finding and keeping great volunteers is to offer value in return for their precious hours.

What is your organization’s “value proposition” to new and returning volunteers? What can they expect from you as compensation for their good work and good will? Our society is based on capitalism, and at its core that economic system depends on the exchange of value for work and goods. So let’s review the key components of every value proposition. Examples of each step are in italics.

  1. One sentence that summarizes why volunteering should be a priority. “Our church has been blessed with a strong faith and the knowledge that the best way to spread the word of God’s gifts, is by sharing God’s gifts through our selfless acts of volunteerism.”
  2. Bullet points that clearly define what is expected of the volunteer.
    1. Every Saturday from 2-4pm at the Church.”
    2. Assemble gift baskets for families in need.”
    3. Bring a homemade snack to share.”
  3. The WIFFM! While we each spend our volunteer time and funds in the spirit of giving, a great value proposition answers the question What’s In It For Me? “Join us for friendship, networking, and the powerful sense of satisfaction that comes only from giving when nothing is expected in return.”

Sound salesy? It is! Being able to articulate a great value proposition empowers you to rally your audience to a cause greater than themselves. When you ask someone to volunteer, remember that you’re asking them to trade the time they spend on your project for time they could spend on something else. When you need help, your job is to make volunteering more than something to do or time to “put in”. Volunteering has to be a real, living, embodiment of your church’s mission in the community.

Effective background screening is a critical step to ensure that your volunteers uphold the reputation of your organization in the community.

Contact Mike Faber at SecureSearch for more information on screening, SecureSearch’s partnership with ACS and a variety of background check services. or by phone at 866-891-1954.  Mike Faber is a Vice President with SecureSearch Integrated Background Checks, based in Denver, CO. Mike has earned the FCRA Advanced Certification, a distinction held by fewer than 300 credit reporting agency professionals globally.

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