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10 More Digital Commandments

1.) Thou shall use your real name and not haveth a middle name like “Billy$LadY”
2.) Thou shalt not “share, re-tweet, or repost” more than 2 posts per day. No one has time for that. 
3.) Thou doesn’t needeth to write a paragraph when a sentence will do.
4.) Thou will not send calls directly to thy voicemail
5.) Thou shalt remember that Facebook is forever and not post things that embarrass friends and co-workers.
6.) Thou shalt not steal other people’s content and present it as your own.
7.) Thou shall not respond to a text with the letter “k”
8.) Thou shall not use LOL as a way to be passive aggressive.
9.) Thou shall not like a picture that’s more than a week old. It infers you were lurking through more levels of photos than those guys in Inception.
10.) Thou shalt not put an “i” in front of anything unless Apple makes it.

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