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15 Things Jesus Won’t Judge You On

Pastors are under so much pressure these days. They have so many things to do and so little time. Here’s a list of things you won’t be held accountable for. Keep this in mind when you’re making your schedule this week.

  1. The number of people at your last service
  2. The lameness of your website
  3. The size of your budget
  4. The coolness factor of your current sermon series
  5. The number of hours you worked
  6. The innovation of your tech ministry
  7. The cuteness of your kid’s choir
  8. The number of retweets you got
  9. The number of friends you’ve got on Facebook
  10. The smoothness of your service’s transitions
  11. The people you know
  12. The comfortableness of your seats
  13. The number of people who cried at the end of your messages
  14. The time you spent on your campus
  15. Your fluency in the original languages

These things aren’t bad, but Jesus never mentioned them. However, Jesus talked a lot about loving God and loving others.

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