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Blog » 20 Ways to Make 2015 A Jesus Adventure

20 Ways to Make 2015 A Jesus Adventure

Can you believe it’s 2015?  Tomorrow is here, and the future is now. Let’s make it the future we want, because it can be great. Even Back to the Future II saw 2015 as a time where cars could fly, skateboards could hover and shoes could tie themselves.

But in this blog, we’re going to focus on things more important than Marty and Doc Brown. We’re going to focus on 20 ways to make 2015 a Jesus Adventure.

Following Jesus has always been an adventure. Jesus looked at Peter and said, “Follow Me.” Peter followed Him on an amazing journey. He risked his future by walking away from his past. He followed Jesus into dangerous places that cost him his life. He left his nets on the shore, therefore giving up his ability to make a living. Just like Jesus called Peter, God is calling us to follow Him in 2015.

Make 2015 a year for a Jesus adventure. If you look up the word adventure, you’ll notice three powerful words in its definitions. Risk-Danger-Loss. You can’t have an adventure without them.

Risk something. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Try something new or expect the same results. Faith takes risk. Go all-in on something.

Live dangerously this year. God never promises to keep us free of danger.  He says that we can be free from the fear of danger  because He promises security in the midst of danger. (Proverbs 1:33) Live on the edge. Be prudent, but don’t live in fear. Don’t be foolish, but don’t play it safe.

Lose something. Stop something. Focus your energy. Lose the good so that you may gain the great. Get better at something by stopping something else. Let go of what you have so that you can receive what He’s got for you.

To sum it up, here are 20 ways you can let Jesus take you on an adventure in 2015. You can’t do them all. Each costs something. Some people will fail, and others will thrive. The one thing promised is you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t at least try.

Approach this list with prayer asking God how Jesus can take you on an adventure.

1) Start a multi-site campus.
2) Hire new staff.
3) Let go of a staff member.
4) Start a new initiative.
5) End an outdated program.
6) Preach a different way.
7) Sing new songs.
8) Put an old song to rest.
9) Pray dangerous prayers.
10) Entertain less.
11) Give equipment away to others.
12) Cut your budget.
13) Give money away.
14) Release someone into new ministry.
15) Prayer walk your city.
16) Start a new church.
17) Feed the hungry.
18) Take in a stranger.
19) Share Jesus in unsafe places.
20) Start a new small group.

Ask Him to let you in on His plans with the faith that He will. Listen and obey. Following Jesus is never boring. 2015 won’t be an adventure if you’re not risking something, in some type of danger, and willing to lose something. God never calls us to safety or monotony. He sends us out to walk securely through a dangerous world.

What are your plans for 2015? Let us know by sharing in the comments below.

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