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2010 Conference – Let’s Go

It’s time to get started!  After much anticipation and waiting, the 2010 Conference is here!  We always look forward to this gathering of clients for training, communication, brainstorming, and learning.  This year, we have lots of changes that the staff has been hard at work on to make it even better.
For the last few weeks, the documentation was polished (this year provided on CD instead of stacks of trees, I mean paper, being left about after classes).  All of the supplies were gathered in a central location for us to pack up and bring.  Schedules were set, speakers were confirmed, and details were reviewed.  This weekend much of the Marketing and Training teams drove up along with the major supplies.  They worked into the night last night making sure the Resource area was set up and ready.  The rest of us, we are committed too.  We met at the office at 5:30 yesterday morning to head out by bus.  That’s right, 5:30 am for an estimated 12 hour drive.  Our bus had been stocked with waters and snacks as well as Steve Cumbia served as our “Movie Director” to help keep us entertained for the drive.  We were able to enjoy the views of the North Carolina mountains, even seeing where recent rock slides were being monitored, to the green fields of the Kentucky horse farms.
Now, we’re here and ready to go.  After arrival, Marvin was already even hugged by Bud.  If you have attended Conference before, you too have probably been hugged by Bud.  You have to remember, Marvin enjoys a “Howie Mendel” distance from people.  Pre-classes started this morning with official Conference check in at 1:00. Tonight we are excited about hearing the words from Keynote Speaker John Ortberg.   Then, Eric Geiger speaks on Thursday morning.  Eric Geiger was the keynote last year, and talk about somebody whose ideas had impact!  I am personally looking from learning from these two wise men during their talks (along with our other speakers of course).
Where will I be?  Starting at 3:00, I will be the emcee at the “Let’s Go” stage along with sharing some great features inside of our products on that stage.  We’ve got a lot lined up for that stage area during all of the times between classes the next few days.  Stop by and say hi!  I always enjoy meeting our clients face to face.  Welcome Conference, Let’s Go!

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