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Blog » 3 Reasons People will Give to your Church

3 Reasons People will Give to your Church


Fact: More people in your church want to give than are currently giving.

Fact: Some people are looking for a reason to give to your church.

Fact: Some churches make giving unnecessarily complicated and inconvenient.

Here are 3 reasons people will give to your church.

1) People don’t give to your ministry’s organization; they give to its mission.

They don’t give to churches whose doors will close if they don’t meet next month’s budget. They give to churches who will follow Jesus with or without a roof over their heads. People will give to you when they know why your church exists. People are attracted to vision, and those who catch the vision bring “pro-vision” with them. Share your vision often. Your vision must be more than seven well-crafted words. Your vision must be the cry of your heart. Your vision must be on fire. If you can capture that in seven well-crafted words, do it. Jesus gave a clear during call to His disciples, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men”, and they caught fire. Use a ministry solution like Realm Connect to keep your vision before your church.

2) People give to the things you’re doing in light of God’s Kingdom.

No one wants to give you money to pay your unemployment insurance. No one wants to pay for coffee in the break room or for boxes of staples for the office. All of these internal functions may be essential to the external your external ministry focus, but people don’t care about them. People want their gift to matter. They give to churches who are reaching the lost, feeding the poor, and changing the world. Spend time doing what matters. Let people see your church’s good work so that your Father in heaven may receive glory. Don’t do works for show, but let people know your church is more than talk. Let them know you’re about action. Jesus never complained that He was homeless. He preached the Word, healed the sick, and fed the poor, and people gave Him the finances to keep doing it. Use a church management system like Realm to coordinate and manage your ministry’s work.

3) People give when they know how to give.

Tell people where they can give. Explain to them how they can give. Make it clear on your printed material. Make it simple on your website. If you receive an offering, make sure it’s easy for people to follow and keep it low pressure. Give them online and text options for giving. If they can order pizza, books, clothes, and anything else on their phone, why can’t they give to your church? Yes, giving should cost the giver something, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Jesus didn’t lift the offering box into the air to make difficult for the widow to give her last two mites even though it may have been the hardest thing she’d ever done. She wanted to give, and she gave joyfully. Offer online and text giving options through a giving platform like Realm.

For more giving information, advice, and best practices, check out our free guide, 3 Reasons People will Give to your Church.


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