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Blog » 4 Tips for a Successful Fall Family Event

4 Tips for a Successful Fall Family Event

9 Steps for Planning a Great Church Event

Fall events are just around the corner on our calendars. Many churches hold some type of family-friendly event in the fall, often in the month of October.  This type of event requires some in-depth planning, volunteer commitment, and organization.

When it comes to communicating with your volunteers both for training and scheduling, Realm can meet both of those needs. It is important to make sure your volunteers know all the details, even in real-time. You can communicate specifically about this event to your volunteers and have each volunteer connected to exactly what they need to know with Realm. 

One of the other essential pieces of a successful family event is making sure people know about it. This is the perfect opportunity to let people know through Facebook and Instagram about this fun event. Social media is a great way to spread the message quickly and with a far reach.

Be creative and use posts that will engage with families. The more engaging, the more likely people will be to share the post and let other people know. Make sure you post several times in several different ways leading up to the event.

  1. Make a short video inviting families to the event and sharing the fun details. You could even get creative and have some kids share why another kid would want to come!
  2. Make an attractive, eye-catching flyer. There are plenty of free online resources that have easy templates you can use to make a flyer that you can share on social media. Two easy-to-use options are Poster My Wall or My Creative Shop
  3. Post pictures of last year’s event to let people know what to expect and how much fun it’s going to be! Make sure you have permission from the individual or a parent if the picture you want to share is of a minor.
  4. Encourage your church members to share your posts through their social media. And also encourage them to invite people personally. A personal invite can mean a lot.

Of course, be prepared for more people than you had the last year. One of the worst things that can happen is for you to do a great job inviting people and reaching out on social media only to have lots of people show up and not enough for them! 

So make sure you are prepared in every way so every person feels welcome and prepared for! Fall family events are a great way to build community and introduce new families to your church community. A successful fall family event can lead to great things!

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