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6 Ways to Make Sure This Year Doesn’t Slip Away

Don’t let this year slip away. Each year goes faster than the last. Before we realize it, this year will stand frozen in pictures that won’t seem that long ago. Ten years go by as fast as ten minutes. Children grow up, people pass away, and God beckons us forward. Life is fleeting, but it’s not a vacation.

God gives us dreams. God calls us to a great and holy mission. Soon we’ll enter eternity and the hours we spent here will be measured. Your dreams remain in your mind until you let them out through your hands.

Here are 6 ways to make sure this year doesn’t slip away

1) Do What You’re Called to Do: Don’t waste your life on selfish ambition or a pile of money. Work towards the call God has placed on your life. Focus or fail. It’s your call.

2) Make Your Minutes Count: Embrace your minutes, or turn on a reality TV show and waste your weekend. The choice belongs to you.

3) Work Your Plan: Work is a dirty word sometimes, but hard work pays off. Even with hard work, your dreams may never match reality. But disappointing futures come from wasted time and energy.

4) Own Your Moments: Every moment matters. Help others, or avoid them. Spend time with friends, or put them off. Enjoy your children, or ignore them. Live in the moment, or live with regret.

5) Follow through: Finish what you start. Don’t let set-backs hold you back. Success often rests on a pile of mistakes. Don’t fail to finish.

6) Make Someone’s Dream come true: You might be the key to someone else’s dream. Give your time, money, or energy to support someone else. Giving may unlock your blessing.

Let us all run our race well. May we all hear those words, “well done good and faithful servant.”

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