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8 Parts of a Great Vision Sunday Message

Most leaders deliver special messages in the first few weeks of January. Some call it Vision Sunday, The State of the Church Address, or something like it. It’s a mix between a call to action, and a recalling of His actions. You’ve probably been working on it for a few weeks or months. It’s one message you’ve got to get right. It can stir people to action or bore them to tears.

Here’s a check list to make sure your Vision Sunday is done right.

1) Vision: Don’t forget to clearly communicate the vision God has given your church. If people can’t state it in a sentence or two, they won’t remember it.

2) Values: You don’t have to list your values, but a message filled with your vision should ooze with your values. Let  this message resonate with the principals God has prioritized for your church.

3) Past: Don’t give your people a history lesson, but they’ve got to know where they’ve been if the people are going to know where they are going. Share snapshots of the great victories and pieces of  God’s awesome promises.

4) Present: Share the good, the bad, and the ugly about your current reality. Provide a realistic picture of where you are. Don’t sugar coat anything.

5) Humility: God’s promises are our hope. Share your vision humbly. If He doesn’t do it, it’s not going to happen. There’s a fine line between pride and confidence, and crossing it is dangerous.

6) Thankfulness: Share some gratitude to the Lord for what He’s done, and to the many people inside and outside of your church who’ve carried the load since your ministry started

7) Numbers: Ministry isn’t a numbers game, but numbers matter. They represent people. If people have been saved, baptized, or given money it’s a reflection of what God is doing. If the numbers are bad, don’t hide them. Use them to motivate people to action.

8) Teamwork: Church isn’t a one man show. It isn’t about you. It’s not about them. It’s about a group of people assembled by the Lord for His glory.

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