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Blog » 8 Things Your Pastor Really Wants for Pastor Appreciation Month

8 Things Your Pastor Really Wants for Pastor Appreciation Month

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In October we typically show our pastors our appreciation with gift cards and small tokens that we hope convey the honor we want to show them. But are these things what your pastor really wants? If we asked our pastors, I imagine the list of things they would really hope for is far different than we would expect.

8 things our pastors really wish for in October:

  1. An inbox full of emails on Monday morning thanking him for his inspiring and impactful message on Sunday.
  2. A month full of Sundays where every volunteer shows up on time ready to serve.
  3. Every member of the congregation so committed to tithing monthly that the church has to form a committee to decide what to do with the surplus budget.
  4. A friend within the church who just enjoys spending time with her because of who she is, not because she is the pastor.
  5. One night a week to spend with his family without any conflict of schedules or phone calls that interrupt.
  6. A Sunday where no one looks at their watches mid-service or falls asleep during the message.
  7. Members who are so passionate about sharing Christ and loving the people in their lives that their enthusiasm inspires and encourages her every time she has a conversation with them.
  8. Members committed to loving and serving his family so well that his wife and children love coming to church.

The reality is we can show our appreciation for our pastors every week by applying the truths from Scripture they teach. They want us to flourish and grow as believers. They want to see us redeemed from sin and walk in the freedom Christ offers. They want us to have strong marriages, healthy families, powerful prayer lives, and a hunger for the Word of God. 

These are the hopes and desires for us that wake our pastors up early in the morning and keep them up praying at night. They carry our burdens every day. We really can’t understand the weight they bear each day for the flock, but we can make it lighter. 

When we make time for the Lord each day and study His Word and allow it to transform our lives and begin to walk in obedience and step into serving others and growing in community with other believers, these bring our pastors great joy, peace, and satisfaction.

Let’s commit to living a life of obedience and surrender. This leads to abundant living, but will also bless our pastors and be the gift they will always appreciate.

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