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Blog » 10 Ways to Value your Volunteers

10 Ways to Value your Volunteers

Your church wouldn’t exist without the volunteers that keep it going.

Leaders of large and small ministries can grind people to a pulp. Don’t let your vision for ministry blind you to the needs of the people you’re called to serve. People have jobs. People have lives. They should have personal time too. People shouldn’t be neglecting their families to change diapers in your church. People shouldn’t be redesigning your stage so often that they don’t have time to live their lives. Value your volunteers.

1) Be careful with people. God loves them a lot. Treat them well.

2) Help people grow. Realize that even though your volunteers are great at getting your coffee and making sure your microphone is in place, that may not be God’s highest calling for them. Help them discover and reach the purpose God has for them.

3) Find the right volunteers. A retired couple has more free time than a young working family with children. Don’t let people under or over commit.

4) Have high expectations and wide margins. Predetermined boundaries can keep people from getting burnt. Expect excellence from people, but don’t let them work their fingers or families to the bone.

5) Value their time. Don’t call pointless meetings or have people stay longer than needed. Send people home early.

6) Hire out what you can. Paying someone to sweep the floors and clean the restrooms might free your people to build relationships that will change.

7) Give free stuff. People like free stuff, not cheap stuff. Spoil your people like God spoils us.

8) Communicate well. Don’t assume they know what’s going on. Constantly and consistently explain your vision. People will need multiple exposures before they see it too.

9) Have a two way Open Door Policy. Let people get involved and uninvolved in your ministry easily. There should be a smooth process for people to get involved, and when it’s time for them to leave and step back, they shouldn’t feel like they’re leaving the mafia.

10) Have the right posture. God called you to people, and He calls people to Himself. He never calls people to you. Serve others more often than they serve you.

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