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9 Communication Channels You Need to Use

Great front-line leaders discern the correct communication channels each person uses.  Everyone should discern and document each person’s preferences as they seek to build their bridge.

9 Communication Channels People are Using

Cell phones – Cell phones are molded into the sides of some people’s heads, but others won’t answer their phones without a court order. Get cell numbers. These are the most important communication channel.
VoicemailSome people are responsible and check voice mails often. Others have unopened voicemails from August of 2010. Don’t count a voicemail as contact. Follow-up in another channel.
Text Messages – Some respond to text messages in seconds, and Christ will return before others will return your texts. They are easy to ignore. Be careful with group texts. No one wants 100 alerts from a conversation that doesn’t involve them.
Facebook Messages – Some people are on Facebook 24/7, while other haven’t logged in since they switched from MySpace. It’s a great way to mine for information, but it’s hit or miss as a communication tool. A few people will prefer this method.
Facebook Statuses – Many people will read your status the second it goes up, and they’ll notice when you comment on theirs. Don’t get too personal on a status. It will make you look strange. It’s a great way to send a positive message to someone who needs it.
House Phones – Many people don’t have these anymore. Still, some people prefer the house phone. Remember not to text the house phone.
Email – Some love email. Lots of people respond to you within the day. Find the right email address. Don’t spam people, or they won’t read the important ones you send. Send personal emails alongside the mass email blasts.
Home Visits – Jesus visited homes and so should you. It shows that you care. Visiting at the wrong time or too often makes you look creepy. Remember Proverbs 25:17, don’t visit your neighbors too often, or you will wear out your welcome.  Don’t be creepy for Christ.
Letters – People will read personal mail. Form letters and print outs from an organization often get trashed, but don’t expect a quick response.

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