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A Good Table

I am attending the NACBA conference this week in Orlando.  Part of being a vendor at a conference is to spend time networking  with the meeting attendees.  Being a quiet and somewhat reserved person (so I have been told) it is never easy for me to start up conversations with new people.  So the first evening of the conference provided my first networking opportunity, a group dinner.  After working my way through the serving line, with some trepidation I take the last chair at a table and prepare to meet some new people.
Quickly I recognize two familiar faces across the table, Linda and Debbie, as long time ACS customers.  This helped start the conversation as they also recognized me.  I knew that they were regular attendees at the ACS annual conference but I had not seen them at our last meeting in May.  Sure enough, they had missed the meeting due to budget restraints.  This started a table discussion on the ACS Conference and it turned out that seven out of the nine people at the table were using ACS and all had attended at least one ACS Conference.  Each person picked their favorite host city (Ashville NC was the table favorite) and made recommendations for future sites (we keep hearing Hawaii).
The group dinner was an easy start to this three day conference of meeting and talking with customers and prospects.  We may have even started the two non-ACS diners at the table to consider making ACS be their software solution.

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