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Achieving Your Goals

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It’s the beginning of March and you see all these people super motivated and on fire for their goals yet there you are, feeling…unmotivated. I get it. I’ve been there and it’s a tough place. So how do you get motivated when you just aren’t motivated? 

Here’s five things you can put into practice right now to help you move back to a place where you are achieving your goals and feeling more motivated: 

  1. Set goals: This is the number one thing you should do, especially when feeling unmotivated. Setting goals and actually writing them down helps your brain kick into gear and realize there is work that needs to be done. Although not always possible in the workplace, try and choose goals that interest you or order your goals from very interesting to least interesting. 
  1. Share your goals: Sharing your goals with someone (or even a few people) will help with accountability. Find 1-3 people you know who will check in with you and make sure you are striving to achieve these goals. 
  1. Track your progress: Keep a log of how you are doing — the things you do well and the things that give you a headache. When tracking your progress, you are able to see areas that need work or better time management. 
  1. Be realistic: In setting goals, sharing them, and tracking their progress, you have to be realistic about the things you are able to accomplish and the time frame in which you can accomplish them. Setting unrealistic goals only sets you up for failure and makes you feel even less motivated. 
  1. Reward yourself: When you accomplish your goals, reward yourself in a healthy way for each one.

In life, MOTIVATION may be what gets you started, but HABIT is what keeps you going. Start somewhere and eventually your goals (particularly daily or cyclical ones) will become habits.

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