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“Add Family Member”

stork carrying baby
Do you ever watch those “behind the scenes” shows on TV? What goes in to making some of our favorite gadgets? I’m a big Food Network fan, so I love the show “Unwrapped”.
You watch these shows and realize much more goes in to a product than you ever imagined. (Trust me, that is how software development definitely goes!)
From working here at ACS Technologies, I have learned so much about what goes in to the actual day-to-day management of the church. So much is tracked that I really never thought about in my Sunday attendance!
A basic part of what has to be tracked comes down to is: the people. Who is your congregation? That congregation grows and changes – hopefully in a positive manner. One of the most fundamental functions of our software is “Add Family Member”.
I’m about to put that button to work! I am expecting baby boy #2 any day now. So, my church will have a little updating to do in the software.
Once he decides to make his big appearance, I will be away from the office for a little while, but I plan to return. The work on all of our growing features and enhancements will continue in my absence, just my blogging about them won’t. There are so many great things planned for 2011 that I can’t wait to return and share them!

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