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Blog » Archdiocese of Kansas City Uses MissionInsite Data to Bolster Parish Planned Giving Development

Archdiocese of Kansas City Uses MissionInsite Data to Bolster Parish Planned Giving Development

Archdiocese of Kansas City

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas serves the Catholic community in 21 counties over 12,524 square miles, representing 181,000+ Catholics, including over 13,000 students in 45 schools, 3 of which are Catholic Colleges. The Archdiocese was founded in 1850. In 2005, Bishop Joseph F. Naumann became the 11th Archbishop of Kansas City in Kansas. 

Terri Lynn previously served as part of the Office of Stewardship and Development at the Archdiocese and was responsible for planned and legacy-giving development. One of her responsibilities was to meet with the pastors of 107 different parishes and encourage them to promote planned giving to their parishioners to help them maximize their financial resources so they could give more to the parish annually and at death.

Terri began using MissionInsite, a community analytics tool offered by ACS Technologies, in 2020 to gather data to prepare for these meetings. Terri uses the ComparativeInsite report to see the types of Mosaic profiles that fit the parishioners. These profiles include lifestyle information, in addition to demographic and socioeconomic information, that a pastor can use to know his parishioners and their preferences better. The Pastor can then fine-tune his giving messages to be more in-tune and well-received by the types of parishioners the Mosaic profiles illustrate.

Leveraging the Census Bureau demographic reports and mapping capabilities in MissionInsite, Terri shared with the Pastors insights into population growth and evolving demographics within their parish boundaries. Another way she used MissionInsite was to analyze the age of households and prioritize planned giving promotional marketing to the parishes that have the oldest households, those parishioners would be passing away sooner, and the parish. Another example of how Terri utilized MissionInsite in her efforts was showing a pastor what the total income of his parishioners is, found at the bottom of the ComparativeInsight report, which helps forecast tithing. 

“MissionInsite just gives me that credibility with getting them [the pastors] to understand the great wealth transfer that is happening in the United States now, and for the next 20 years, as the seniors and Baby Boomers pass away. It is paramount that they ask for gifts through their parishioner’s estate plans to help sustain their parishes for the next generation of Catholics.” Terri Lynn, Planned and Legacy Giving Development Coordinator

Other offices, like the school’s office, use the MissionInsite capabilities and solutions. Terri is now a Gift Planning Consultant with the archdiocese’s Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas. Parish Managers still contact her for MissionInsite reports that will help them understand the forecast of the population within their boundaries so they will know about possible growth in membership or their private elementary school enrollment. 

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